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Anupamplast was established in year 1984 and since then we are catering to the needs of modern textile industry. We are a plastic injection moulding company specialized in manufacturing of plastic yarn carriers for textile industry. Product range includes plastic yarn carriers for spinning, twisting, texturizing, yarn dyeing & carpet industry. While textiles remain core of our business, we also offer plastic injection moulded products for corrugated pipe industry and electrical industry.
Manufacturer Of Textile Yarn Carriers Plastic Injection Moulded Components, Textile Accessories, Plastic Yarn Carriers, Plastic Textile Cones, Plastic Perforated Tubes, Plastic Dye Tubes, Plastic Injection Moulding Components For Electrical, Textile Plastic Cones, Plastic Cones, Textile Plastic Perforated Tubes, Textile Plastic Perforated Cones, Textile Plastic Dye Tubes, Plastic Die Tubes, Textile Plastic Dye Dones, Plastic Dye Cones, Textile Plastic Tubes, Textile TFO Tubes, Textile TFO Cones, Plastic End Caps For Paper Tubes, Plastic Electrical Components, Textile Plastic Cones For Sewing Threads, Textile Plastic Yarn Carriers, Yarn Carriers, Plastic Paper Tubes For Textile, Plastic Cones, Perforated Tubes, Perforated Cones, Plastic Cheese. Plastic Cones For Carpet Industry, Plastic Cones For Texturizing, Plastic Cones For Yarn, Plastic Cones For Yarn Dyeing, Plastic Cones For Yarn Spinning, Plastic Cones For Yarn Twisting, Plastic Cones For Yarn Winding, Plastic Textile Bobbins.
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