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Welcome to FINE GROUP the group of companies in Miraj (Maharashtra State - INDIA) are one of the leading manufacturer of Material Testing Machines. All these years the group is involved for excellence in quality of standards of products and now we can proclaim with pride that we have achieved it. Our products have always maintained the quality standards. We have a world wide clients including companies from America, Africa, Europe, Asia & Gulf. We also have many clients in India. “We shall endeavor to achieve and maintain quality and also improve upon embracing latest techniques, technologies and processes. Customers satisfaction is the ultimate motto of each member of our Organization.
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Material Testing Machines, Analogue Universal Testing Machine, Brinell Hardness Tester, Brinell Hardness Testing Machines, Compression Testing Machines, Compression Testing Machines, Computer Controlled Servo Universal Testing Machines, Computer Controlled Universal Testing Machine, Computerised Brinell Hardness Testers, Computerised Tensile Testing Machine, Computerised Universal Testing Machines, Computerised Universal Testing Machines, Conversion Of Analogue Universal Testing Machine Into Computerised Universal Testing Machine, Digital Rockwell Hardness Testers, Digital Spring Testing Machines, Digital Torsion Testing Machines, Digital Torsion Testing Machines, Dynamic Balancing, Dynamic Balancing Machines, Dynamic Balancing Machines, Dynamic Hardness Tester, Electro Mechanical Universal Testing Machines, Electro-Mechanical Universal Testing Machines, Electronic Extenso Meters, Electronic Universal Testing Machine, Erichsen Sheet Metal Testing Machine, Erichsen Testing Machines, Fan Balancing Machines, Fatigue Testing Machines, Flywheel Balancing Machines, Hardness Testers, Hardness Testing Machines, Horizontal Balancing Machines, Horizontal Chain And Rope Testing Machines, Horizontal Tensile Testers, Impact Testers, Impact Testing Machines, Laboratory Testing Equipments, Laminated And Coil Spring Testing Machines, Material Testing, Metal Testing Equipments, Metal Testing Instruments, Pendulum Impact Testing Machines, Physical Testing Machine, Pipe Testing Machines, Plastic Testing Equipments, Plastic Testing Machines, Polymer Testing Equipments, Portable Balancing Machines, Portable Dynamic Hardness Testing Machines, Portable Hardness Tester, Portable Testing Equipments, Portable Vickers Hardness Tester,,Rockwell Hardness Tester, Rope And Chain Testing Machines, Rope And Chain Testing Machines, Rotary Fatigue Testing Machine, Rotor Balancing Machines, Rotor Balancing Machines, Rubber Testing Equipments, Rubber Testing Machines, Spring Load Testing Machines, Spring Testing Machines, Spring Testing Machines, Tensile Testers, Tensile Testers, Tensile Testing Equipments, Tensile Testing Machine, Testers, Testing Equipment Testing Instruments, Testing Instruments, Testing Machine Spares, Testing Machines, Torsion Testing Machines, Torsion Testing Machines, Turbine Balancing Machines, Universal Strength Machine, Universal Tensile Testers, Universal Testing Machines, Utm, Vertical Balancing Machines, Vertical Dynamic Balancing Machines, Vicat Testers, Vickers Cum Brinell Hardness Testing Machines, Vickers Hardness Testers, Vickers Hardness Testing Machines, Vickers Hardness Testing Machines,
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233 - 2644532 / 2644332 / 9850507360 / 9422041001
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