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Magnewin Energy Private Limted, an ISO certified company was established in the year 1994. in "Sangli" (Maharashtra), a beautiful place on the banks of River Krishna. "Magnewin" one of the leading manufacturer of LV / MV / HV Shunt Power Capacitors for variety of applications like power factor improvement, harmonic filters, substation Capacitors both fixed and Automatic switched type, Static VAR Compensator (SVC), Surge Suppression, etc. "Magnewin" caters the needs of special application Capacitors like water cooled Capacitors for induction melting, heating and hardening applications, Energy Storage, Pulse discharge, Filter, Thumping, Medical equipment , Impulse Generators, Voltage Dividers, etc. "Magnewin" leadership is an outcome of a vast & rich experience in the field of application engineering and solutions, supported by state of art manufacturing and testing facility. Our experienced team of engineers can work out and suggest solutions for complex problems related to power quality and energy conservation. "Magnewin" is "ONE - STOP SHOP" to address needs of all types of Capacitors and Power Quality Solutions.
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Capacitors, AC Capacitors, DC Capacitors, Electro Lytic Capacitors, Furnace Duty Capacitors, H.T.Capacitors, Improvement Capacitors, L.T.Capacitors, Metalised Capacitors, MFD Capacitors, MPP Capacitors, Paper Condenser Capacitors, PFC Capacitors, Plastic Film Capacitors, Poly Carbonate Capacitors, Polyester Capacitors, Polypropylene Capacitors, Power Capacitors, Power Electronic Capacitors, Power Factor Capacitors, Power Factor Correction Capacitors, Surge Capacitors, Water Cooled Capacitors, Harmonic Capacitors, High Voltage DC Capacitors, Harmonic Filter Capacitors, High Voltage Capacitors, Low Voltage Capacitors.
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