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Mr Bolaj has an in-depth working experience of Design, manufacturing, testing of various types of capacitors, during his tenure, he has developed Special application Capacitors of Steel melting industries, Extra high voltage D C Capacitors, and Energy Discharge Capacitors exclusively for Indian Defence Organisations like... BARC, DRDO, TBRL, IPR, CPRI, RRCAT, CEERI, SAMEER etc. Marxelec is a well-established company with state of art manufacturing and testing facilities including life testing. With trained engineers and technicians, it is possible to manufacture different types of Capacitors to meet client’s stringent technical requirements. It is also possible to develop import substitute Capacitors with available infrastructure and man power and that to at a reasonable price. Needless to mention the performance of Marxelec manufactured capacitor bound to exceed customers’ expectations for the given price. Our capacitor complies to latest national and international standards like BIS, IEC, EDF, British Standards etc.
Manufacturer, Supplier Of All Types Capacitors, Water Cooled Capacitors, Surge Capacitors, Energy Storage Capacitors, RC Surge Capacitors, PFN Capacitors, Energy Discharge Capacitors, Special Application Capacitors, Medium Frequency Capacitors, Filter Capacitors, Harmonic Capacitors, Thumper Capacitors, High Voltage Capacitors, High Voltage AC Capacitors, High Voltage DC Capacitors, High Frequency Specialty Capacitors. Air Cooled Capacitors, Automatic Power Factor Control Panel APFC Panels, DC Filter Capacitors, Harmonic Analysis Consultancy Services, Harmonic Analysis Services, Harmonic Filter Capacitors, Harmonic Measurement , Consultancy Services, High Density Energy Discharge Capacitors, High Density Energy Storage Capacitors, High Energy Storage Capacitors, High Frequency Air Cooled Capacitors, High Frequency Water Cooled Capacitors, High Tension Capacitors, HT Capacitors, HV Capacitors, Import Substitute Capacitors, Impulse Capacitors, Low Tension Capacitors, Low Voltage Capacitors, Low Voltage PF Capacitors, LT Capacitors, LV Capacitors, Medium Frequency Air Cooled Capacitors, Medium Frequency Water Cooled Capacitors, Partial Discharge Free Capacitive Voltage Dividers, Partial Discharge Free Voltage Dividers, PF Improvement Capacitors Power Capacitors, Power Factor Improvement Capacitors, Pulse Forming Network Capacitors, Resistance Surge Suppressor Capacitors, Ripple Filter Capacitors, Surge Protection Capacitors, Surge Protection C-R Combination Capacitors, Surge Protection R-C Combination Capacitors, Surge Protective Capacitors, Surge Suppression Capacitors, Surge Suppressor Capacitors.
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