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Incorporated in 1998, Sigma Industries was started with the objective of providing high quality household cleaning products and cleaner concentrates to customers. Since then, our company has grown to become a prominent and reliable cleaning chemicals manufacturer with a strong client base in India and overseas. We have set up a state -of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sangli that houses modern machinery which uses the latest technology to produce household cleaning supplies. Our customers are at the centre of all that we do, and our focus on maximising customer satisfaction has been key to our success. Our team of skilled professionals ensure that our clients always get premium quality, high-performance household cleaning supplies and cleaner concentrates at the most competitive prices with smooth and prompt order execution services from our end.
Concentrate Cleaners, Pine Gel With Fragrance & Colour, Scented Concentrate Plane, Scented Concentrate With Fragrance & Colour, Toilet Cleaner Concentrate, Dish Wash Concentrate, Floor Cleaner Concentrate, Glass Cleaner Concentrate, Kitchen Cleaner Concentrate, Black Compound, Phenyl Concentrate, Black Cleaner Concentrate, Surface Cleaner Concentrate, Scented Phenyl Concentrates, Scented Phenyl Compounds, Floor, Phenyl Concentrates, Floor Phenyl Compounds, Toilet Phenyl Concentrates, Toilet Phenyl Compounds, Scented Phenyls, Floor Phenyls, Toilet Phenyls.
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